We are inviting our AALF members and partners to be the catalyst and make an investment of $10 for 36 months; and, for those who have the means, an initial investment of $1,000, individually or through your institutions, to be supported by a mix of public and private investors to grow the capacity of African American-owned business enterprises in Minnesota; and, to grow, and help our community to grow right along with them. We ask that you to engage your constituents and your partners to invest as well. We are asking for individual and institutional members to make launch donations of $1,000 by Ujamaa Day of Kwanzaa (12/29); and to reach out to their constituency base and get as many people as they can to invest $10 per month for the next 3 years. All funds will be deposited in a dedicated 10/36 savings account at Bremer Bank, N.A., that will be used explicitly to support African American owned business ventures in Minnesota to develop, grow their capacity, and hire more talent from our community.