10 Week Baraza Fitness Program

From the African American Leadership Forum's Health & Wellness Workgroup, the Baraza! A Black Woman's Health Gathering Planning committee created a pilot ten week healthy fitness prgoram for women who have participated in the past Baraza Gathering Conferences/Events and for new interested participants within our communities.  This ten week pilot will foucs on African American women who live in Ramsey County. We would like to promote healthy life changes and motivate each other as women and as a community towards selecting and leading healthier habits and lifestyles.

Past Baraza participants have voiced their desire for consistent and ongoing initiatives within the community to engage in to assist in working toward achieving personal health pledges that they have created during and following past annual Baraza gatherings.  It is our hope that joining this effort will assist in the overarching goal of Baraza to increase years of life and reduce chronic diseases and illnesses by.  The program is set to be offered in two locations in Ramsey county, one on the East Side of Saint Paul and the other in the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood.  At each site, four sesisons will be offered per week and participants will have the option of attending two of the four workout sessions as well as having access to engage in personal health and wellness education and group activities.  Examples include tracking participant's progress on the Baraza webpage; blood pressure screenings during group fitness followed by referral; weekly health information; nutrition videos, etc..


Group participation, health information, access to personal trainiers, BP/Health screening & referral/ opportunies to win based on participation.


*Future opportunities and considerations:  Our hope is that the final session wrapping up the 10 week fitness pilot will bring participants from each of the two sites and 9 weekly sessions to workout together during the Baraza conference reception and/or at Element Boxing and Fitness in Saint Paul where some of the trainers are staffed.  The Baraza fitness planning team are planning to request sponsorship opportunities for interested fitness participants to participate in the 2016 Twin Cities Marathon.