This year’s theme CREATING ASSETS AND WEALTH IN OUR COMMUNITY builds on AALF’s consistent history of progress, change and growth through strategic partnerships in the public and private sectors. The belief is based on equity and economic opportunities for all members of society supporting AALF’s growth initiatives in job creation, economic empowerment, reducing poverty and creating affordable housing.

Carla Harris

Keynote Speaker
Carla Harris is a Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, where she has served clients for over 25 years. Ms. Harris has received numerous awards and honors, including Fortune magazine’s list of “The 50 Most Powerful Black Executives in Corporate America”, Black Enterprise’s “Top 75 Most Powerful Women in Business (2017),” and “Top 75 African Americans on Wall Street.” In August 2013, Carla Harris was appointed by President Barack Obama to chair theNationalWomen’sBusinessCouncil.

T. Mychael Rambo

Emmy Award Winner T. Mychael Rambo is a one-man Force of Nature — an accomplished singer-songwriter, playwright, actor and Arts educator. His movie credits include The Naked Man (1998), The Cure (1995) and Domestics (2016), and he has starred on stage locally A and nationally, including the Penumbra and Guthrie Theatres. AALF is ecstatic to have him as emcee of our Annual Fundraising Dinner

The Sounds of Blackness

From jazz and blues to rock & roll, R&B, gospel, spirituals, hip¬hop, reggae and soul, TSOB colors each and every “sound of blackness” with uplifting messages of hope, unity, love and peace for all humankind — and they work passionately to achieve it.Since January of 1971, the three-time Grammy Award-winning Sounds of Blackness, under the direction of Gary Hines, have performed on five continents for everyone from the homeless, prison inmates, and orphans, to kings, queens, and president, including five White House appearances.