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Dear Community:

The City of Minneapolis will be holding an African American listening session on Mandatory Sick Leave. If you or anyone you know has employment in the industries below, your opinion is needed to determine whether or not employers must provide sick leave for their employees.


Impacted Industries: Non-profit, food service, fast food, health care,  social service, small business or large businesses


The City of Minneapolis’ Workplace Partnership group will host this listening session to understand how a Mandatory Sick Leave policy could impact the African American workforce and families. Please plan to attend & bring people with you, this conversation is critical to ensuring African American needs are met and reflected in policies.


Mandatory Sick Leave Listening Session, Wednesday, January 20th 

Minneapolis Urban League 515 pm-630 pm 

2100 Plymouth Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN 55411


Listening Sessions 

The Workplace Partnership Group will be conducting a series of community-based Listening Sessions to help inform its work in developing recommendations for policies related to earned sick time and paid time off. These listening sessions will provide an opportunity for identified stakeholders (both employees and employers) within specific industries to share their insights, concerns, perspectives, experiences, and suggestions with the Workplace Partnership Group. All Listening Sessions will be open to the general public, and time may be reserved at each session to accept public comments on these proposals.

Each Listening Session will be “hosted” by a member (or members) of the Workplace Partnership Group who will facilitate the session. Some of the key issues the Partnership Group hopes to elicit from stakeholders include:

  • How/when would you expect paid sick leave to be used by employees and employers?
  • What, if any, measures should be considered to ensure that workers are not penalized for using paid sick time & that employers are not subject to undue hardship in implementation of a policy?
  • What’s a meaningful accrual rate? Should it vary by hours worked, business size, revenue, number of employees?
  • What else would you like to say on this topic to shape the discussion

Workplace Partnership

The Workplace Partnership Group was established to:

  • Study the impact of policy proposals related to workplace regulations on earned sick time and paid time off, including consideration of regional and cross-jurisdictional implications of such policy proposals.
  • Engage the community in the development of its recommended policy proposals through focus groups, listening sessions, and similar practices and may consult subject-matter experts in the course of its study.
  • Report its final policy proposals on earned sick time and paid time off to the Committee of the Whole by no later than February 24, 2016.


To learn more please visit:http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/workplacepartnership/index.htm or direct questions to: Ayianna.Kennerly@minneapolismn.gov. Thank you.