After conducting a data analysis and hearing directly from you, Hennepin County needs someone to distinctly elevate this work in a critical new role of director of disparity reduction. We are eager to announce that Alex Tittle will begin this work in mid-April. Alex has worked in several roles related to equity and diversity, including most recently as vice president of business connect and corporate affairs for the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee. He also served as equity director for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and director of civil rights at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. He served in the U.S. Army, finishing his career as a company commander. Alex will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to reduce disparities in each of the seven domains; develop relationships with key stakeholders; and represent Hennepin County in metro area and regional disparities work efforts. The new position will focus and coordinate our efforts to have a more profound, lasting impact and set the vision moving forward. Alex will spend much of his early days here learning about all of the work that has already occurred and get to know our staff. Follow us
Just as one gear in a system causes another to begin turning, a disparity in one domain often does not exist alone. It affects other domains, and a cascading effect occurs. For example, poor access to education can lead to underemployment, lower income,
substandard housing and/or poor access to health care. Alex will be supported through a team of disparity domain leads, as well as liaisons from each of the five business lines. We will soon announce the staff representing these areas. In addition, we will need to be more intentional about including all voices. This work cannot be government leaders sitting in a room and making decisions without hearing the perspectives of those affected. We
acknowledge that diverse perspectives on these important issues help us bring
forth better solutions to address disparities. We need your help and help from our
community. Your contributions have already and will continue to have significant
influence to improve the quality of life for our residents. County leadership
supports you in this important work. We know you may have questions. More details will come after Alex begins in April. On behalf of county administration, thank you for all you do.