The Twin Cities African American Leadership Forum is united in the belief that we can do more together than apart. We recognize that in order to achieve enduring, positive change in our community, we need a truly transformative agenda.  It is our goal to create a healthy place for all to prosper and it is our hope that you join us in our movement.

Above all else, the AALF’s universal goal is “a just and healthy society that works equally well for everyone.” Second to that, we strive for a vital and healthy African American community that uplifts the rest. We realize that our top goals cannot be realized without establishing a number of critically important target goals that help move us – and society – toward true social change.

Our targeted goals are….

  • To maximize the potential of African American children and adults
  • To reclaim and amplify the vital role of family, culture and spirituality in the African American community
  • To alter the socioeconomic trajectory of the African American community
  • To strengthen African American centered institutions
  • To challenge and change systems that disproportionately harm African Americans

Our work has four core themes:

  • Building wealth in the African American community.
  • Closing the achievement gap for African American students.
  • Promoting healthy living through personal, community, and legislative change.
  • Supporting African American families, culture, values, and beliefs.

Our strategies:

  • Maximize the potential of African American children and adults.
  • Reclaim and amplify the vital roles of family, culture, and spirituality.
  • Improve the socioeconomic trajectory of the African American community.
  • Strengthen African American-centered institutions.
  • Challenge and change systems that harm African Americans.