The African American Leadership Forum (AALF) is conducting a survey in conjunction with a media campaign focused on parent engagement and participation which we believe is a collaboration between parents, teachers, schools, administration, and the community. Your participation is important to us and we encourage you to be open and honest as you complete this anonymous survey.

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AALF is creating a position paper to be followed by a training symposium on the best practices for educating African American (AA) students from birth through post-secondary completion. The paper is a follow-up to A Crisis in our Community, which was published in 2011. A Crisis in our Community describes the education achievement gap within the five education gaps framework. The position paper will describe the actions necessary to eliminate the five gaps. Drawing on current research on the best practices for educating AA students, the paper will provide a clear and consistent message for practitioners, policy makers and key stakeholders.


The paper will identify the local organizations which are successfully using best practices. It will describe the ecosystem (e.g. policies, funding systems, community engagement) which support the implementation of best practices by successful local organizations and the unique challenges of the local community.