Dear Friends,

It is a privilege and an honor to serve the community as Executive Director of the African American Leadership Forum (AALF). On behalf of AALF’s board of directors, we are challenging our community leaders, citizens, partners, supporters, clergy, youth and all members of the community to do better in 2017 and beyond. As a leading community organization, we focus on improving the economic health of communities through public and private partnerships that creates opportunities for underserved communities where business opportunities have been denied, unemployment is high, affordable housing is scare and chronic homelessness has reached unacceptable levels – all critical factors in creating healthy, sustainable communities in the Twin Cities.

When AALF asks for support, it is not just for one sector of the community. Proven research shows economic inequality does not correct itself and causes harm to the entire population living in the Twin Cities. We progress and solve challenges together as one community. We ask our private and public supporters to generously support progress and growth by “Building Strong Innovative Communities Together,” the theme of this year’s focus and annual community celebration.

“Research on concentrated poverty suggests it may have an overarching impact on residents—even those who are not themselves low-income—such as reducing potential economic mobility and negatively affecting their overall health and well-being. Further, where one lives matters, because it influences both the level of access and the assortment of opportunities available in the regional landscape.” ~Metro Council Data Report published March 1, 2017 

I look forward to a 2017 that is filled with greatness as we continue to challenge ourselves to do better, by rejecting extreme levels of economic inequality that causes harm to our communities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at 612.532.3694 or via email: I look forward to seeing you on August 3rd at US Bank Stadium for at this year’s celebration “Building Strong Innovative Communities Together”.


Jeffrey A. Hassan

Executive Director