Unconscious Bias Training

Most people equate the term “Unconscious Bias” with prejudice

The latest research uses the term differently, to describe a situation in which people’s actions are at odds with their intentions.

Over a lifetime, we are bombarded with thousands of media stories, images and interactions with people unlike ourselves. Our brains learn to instantly (unconsciously) categorize and make judgments about people based on their looks, their dress, and the way they speak, without even thinking about it.

During this training, we will learn that the brain is designed to preferentially recognize those with characteristics that are similar to our own. This “in-group” bias for familiar faces also makes it easier for us to give preferential treatment to members of our own ethnic group over members of less familiar groups.

This training will allow us to learn and understand the evolutionary and biological underpinnings of our biases. Participants will be guided through a series of stimulating and interactive exercises and group discussions that are designed to examine how unconscious bias with relation to race, religion and gender affects decision-making in employment, law enforcement, and social interactions.

This interactive training includes Audience Response Technology, Case Vignettes, and Self-Assessments that are designed to help participants learn to surface bias, identify the consequences of holding on to bias, and consciously confront bias. By the end of the training, participants will be able to recognize when unconscious biases are affecting their decision-making and to address them in  real time.