The African American Leadership Forum’s (AALF) Collective Impact Task Force includes 12 Black leaders from across Minnesota, each with a unique skillset and community engagement experience. These leaders are chosen via an application and interview process, and focus on Education, Health & Wellness, Economic Development, and Family & Culture in the Black community to bring about change.

We recently reached out to one of our Task Force members to get their insights on what’s happening in the program.

Keyes: In the Task Force we’re currently structuring goals that, on some level, meet concerns that have risen from our community around AALF’s four focus areas. This work relates to my personal community engagement experiences in several ways, but the main thing is that it helps to put strategy to action with an actual intended outcome — this is encouraging.

I identify as a Builder because I enjoy direct service and seeing the impacts of work immediately. I’ve found that I struggle with leadership skills in areas that I am unfamiliar with; that I want to do the work and not necessarily talk about it. I enjoy the idea of getting strategy and implementing action rather than the creation of strategy. I think the most impactful aspect of AALF’s Collective Impact Task Force is that the priority is doing something and not just talking about it. Seeing outcomes is important to me and it feels like the Task Force is committed to doing something.

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