Applications for the African American Leadership Forum’s Collective Impact Program

Black Leaders & Social Changemakers Needed to Solve Challenges Facing the Black community


MINNEAPOLIS, January 7, 2021 — the African American Leadership Forum (AALF), an organization of over 1,500 leaders, is excited to announce the launch of its 2021 Collective Impact Workstream applications. Black leaders interested in community engagement projects that empower Minnesota’s Black community around AALF’s four focus areas: Health & Wellness, Education, Family & Culture, and Economic Development are encouraged to apply.

Selected participants will be invited to a Community Harvest event to choose the projects that most interest them and will join Workstream Committees that will meet for a 6-month work detail. The goal of these committees is to advance AALF’s Collective Impact Plan for the Black community around leadership, resources, policy, and culture to bring about change. Each committee has a Black-Centered Design (BCD) Problem Statement and S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals to help ensure success. Workstream members will also work with AALF’s Task Force members to build solutions to the challenges that face the African American community.

Timeline: Applications must be submitted by February 3 (5:00 p.m. CST). Interviews will begin the week of January 25 until February 9. Participants will be notified by February 15. Participants will be part of a Workstream Committee for at least 6 months. Application Link:

Workstream Objectives

Workstream Committees will bring together community builders and ambassadors to help implement the strategic vision of AALF’s Task Force. Workstream members will add solutions to the BCD Problem Statements and implement the program’s collective community workplan. The role of the Collective Impact

Workstream member is to use their skills and strengths to implement the community workplan and prioritize actions on short-term projects. Ideal participants are Black leaders and change makers who have the skillsets listed below:

o Familiarity with AALF’s BCD problem statements and focus areas (i.e., health & wellness, economic development, education, family & culture)

o The ability to communicate effectively and work in a team

o The ability to prioritize tasks for projects

o Can implement project tasks effectively

o Are aware of the broader work happening in the Black community

Each member will meet at least once a month or more depending on the complexity of the project. As a Workstream member each person commits to being present and bringing their full voice, staying on point, being brief, getting through the scheduled agenda, being innovative, and having fun.

Benefits of participation include: Access to the African American Leadership Forum Network, 50 hours of Professional Development, Social Media and Network Exposure, Amazing Forum Swag, and the Opportunity to implement solutions to some of the Black community’s most prevalent challenges.

Deliverables include aligning AALF’s Collective Impact plan to community, creating community partnerships, implementing Community Work Plans, and evaluating year-end outcomes.

The African American Leadership Forum mobilizes and activates dynamic groups of committed and passionate African Americans to influence the social, economic, and political landscape that impacts our daily lives. To learn more visit