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African American Leadership Forum Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Transformation and Focus on the Black Agenda For Change

[MINNEAPOLIS, July 27, 2023]  The African American Leadership Forum today announced an organizational rebrand and launch that reflects the nonprofit’s transformation of its culture and a redefined strategy focused on manifesting racial equity through bold Black-Centered solutions. The new brand identity embodies the organization’s renewed sense of purpose and intentionality, empowering Minnesota’s Black communities to imagine, then create an equitable future. The Forum’s new look and feel represent a commitment to data research and design innovation to formulate the Black Agenda For Change, a platform of community-driven solutions designed to address the complex systemic challenges Black residents face statewide.

While quietly undergoing this rebrand since the start of 2023, the organization has continued it work with re-emphasis and emboldened energy; launching a new cohort of its highly acclaimed Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy, kicking off an inaugural Policy Entrepreneur Fellowship program, a widely successful advocacy campaign during the 2023 legislative session and announcing a slate of new hires. Under the redesigned model, the organization will now focus its work simultaneously on six impact areas; Public Safety, Education, Health, Economic Prosperity, Generational Wealth Building and Environmental Justice.

“While our problems have grown exponentially over the past three years, it became clear to me the actions in addressing radical change have not evolved at the same pace,” said Adair Mosely, Chief Executive Officer. “Our rebranding creates a new and improved African American Leadership Forum, internally and externally, to implement and usher the transformative changes Black Minnesotans have been waiting on for far too long.”

With this new and improved approach, The Forum now operates as a think-and-do tank–combining the research and analysis functions of a typical think tank with the action-oriented role of an activist or advocacy group. It’s a four-pronged approach utilizing Data Science and Research, Development and Capacity Building, Discourse-based Convenings, and Design-based Innovative Solutions.

The African American Leadership Forum’s new brand identity, which rolled out today with a partially redesigned website, will be unveiled in phases with completion set for mid-September, with a large-scale education themed event in partnership with McKinsey & Company, in the works for October.

Along with the previously mentioned, other elements of The Forum’s brand evolution include:

New Logo: As a prominent symbol of the organization, the new logo is contemporary and richly inclusive. The golden sphere represents the imagination of widespread prosperity and wealth. The black lettering symbolizes power and influence along with the organization being Black-led.

New Colors: The spectrum of fresh colors speaks to the daring new direction and approach which The Forum is carrying out its critical work. The red signifying the passion and sense of new energy. The gold not only symbolizing prosperity but inspiration and uplift. The lavender is indicative of devotion and innovation. The rich green tone symbolizes harmony, health and optimism.

New Website: Combining new headline, body and scripted fonts, along with patterning, geometric shapes, shadowing, bold collages, along with black and white imagery—the splashy new website will serve as The Forum’s domain-based business card. A one-stop shop, of dropdowns, tabs and well-designed aesthetically pleasing pages—that tells The Forum’s new story, intent and direction.

New Vision: To create a radical future for Black Minnesotans by advancing Black-Centered policies and solutions that actualize true liberation.

New Vision: We envision a prosperous future for Black Minnesota communities. A tomorrow that is inclusive, vibrant, fair and where Black excellence excels in all forms. We’re inspired by the Afrofuturism movement embracing the rich heritage of Black communities; believing in the unlimited potential of the future. We imagine innovative problem-solving to achieve racial harmony, while empowering Black communities with resources to manifest an equitable future for themselves.

About the African American Leadership Forum

Founded in 2006, the organization is one of the nation’s leading Black-led nonprofits. A collective of institutions and leaders the organization serves as a community innovation accelerator. We empower black communities to imagine, then create an equitable future. 

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