Project Title: Research & Data Analysis, United By Black

Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, August 5, 2022, by 5:00pm.

Submit proposals by the submission deadline to: Amber Jones at  


The African American Leadership Forum, (AALF), is looking for a research partner to conduct research and provide data analysis regarding African Americans in the state to inform the United By Black (UB) initiative. This necessary analysis will support AALF’s work in driving Black-centered solutions to the most critical issues facing our community.

African American Leadership Forum (AALF) Mission: To improve the experiences and lives of African Americans in Minnesota, by building a network of leaders and institutions that convenes, collaborates, and champions solutions.



To advance the success of a new AALF initiative, United By Black (UB), AALF intends to provide capacity building resources to community impact leaders identified as changemakers and leaders in bringing solutions to the issues of the Black community in the following focus areas:

·      Public Safety

·      Housing

·      Employment

·      Healthcare

·      Education

·      Economic Opportunity

To learn more about United By Black, please visit and visit the “United by Black Powered By All” dropdown column for links to videos and press releases on its progress to date.

Scope of Work

AALF desires to contract a research partner that will conduct data collection and data synthesis, beginning with the Employment pillar and with the likelihood of completing the remaining four pillars (Education, Economic Opportunity, Healthcare, and Housing).

The data synthesis provided by the research partner will generate a ‘snapshot’ report of the pillar, which provides an overview of the research and primary ‘insights’ on what solutions should be pursued to better the conditions of African Americans in MinnesotaIn addition, AALF and the research partner will collaborate with a ‘scoping team’ of 3-5 African American business and community leaders who have expertise in the given pillar to develop the snapshot.

The research partner will report to the AALF Senior Director of Network Insights.

AALF agrees to provide the research partner with relevant materials to support the work. Accordingly, in consideration of the mutual promises and agreements contained herein.

Data is defined as fact-based reports, legislation, articles, surveys, listening session reports and other forms of information related to the relevant topic/focus area.

Preferred Approach and Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise in research and data analysis, preferably as it relates to public policy and systems change
  • Expertise in working with Black organizations and/or Black leadership
  • Commitment to centering Black voices and the lived experience of Black Minnesotans in their approach
  • Ability to provide examples of past projects focusing on community-centered research and data analysis

Proposal Submission Format:

Only those proposals received by the stated deadline will be considered. All proposals submitted by the deadline will be reviewed and evaluated based upon information contained within the proposal.

Required Proposal documentation:

  • Name (s) & contact information (preferred communication)
  • Description of company in terms of size, range and types of services offered and clientele.
  • Resumé with evidence of established track-record of providing services and/or deliverables that are the subject of this proposal
  • Proposal Budget

Term of contract: 

The initial term of this contract is for four months, beginning on September 15, 2022, through December 15, 2022, unless otherwise renewed, or terminated earlier by either AALF or Contracted partner. There is potential for contract renewal to complete research on the remaining pillars.


AALF will pay for the services provided by the contracted partner under the proposal.

Nature of Services:

The Contracted partner will provide overall and comprehensive data collection activities, including:

  •      Sourcing data
  •      Storing data
  •      Synthesis of data to extract themes, key points and insights
  •      Weekly project status reports                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NOTE: In regards to work product, all documentation, reports, media, and other materials created or produced by the contracted partner in connection with the services rendered hereunder shall be deemed an AALF work product and be solely owned by AALF.

Acknowledgement of Relationship: 

AALF hereby specifically acknowledges that, the contracted partners relationship with AALF will be solely and exclusively that of an independent contractor, that all services to be provided hereunder by contracted partner will be provided strictly on an independent contractor basis, and that in no event will contracted partner be, claim to be, or be considered, an employee of AALF for any purpose. 


Upon acceptance of the proposed request, AALF will provide a final and binding contract for both parties to sign and agree. 


RFP due

August 5, 2022


August 8-9, 2022

Contract awarded

August 10,, 2022

Contract begins

September 15, 2022

Product finalized

December 7-14, 2022

Contract ends (if not renewed)

December 15, 2022


AALF shall award the contract to the proposal that best accommodates the various project requirements and reserves the right to: (i) award any contract prior to the proposal deadline or prior to the receipt of all proposals, and (ii) refuse any proposal or contract. Submitting a proposal permits AALF permission to contact all references to obtain information about performance.