African American Leadership Forum Guidelines for Sharing Opportunities with the Network


The African American Leadership Forum (AALF) is committed to ensuring that the African American community in Minnesota has the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive. One way that we support the Black community in the Twin Cities and beyond is by sharing information related to educational and job opportunities, community-engagement events, and other information that helps improve the lives of African Americans across the state.

If you have an opportunity, community event or resource you would like us to share on our platforms, please ensure that it follows the guidelines below:

  • Use no more than 300-400 words (you can provide a link to a larger more detailed document if that is needed).
  • Be sure to describe the opportunity or event and provide all info needed to take advantage of it (including info about deadlines)
  • Include a link to a website that provides more info
  • If you are sharing content related to an event, please send it to us a minimum of a week before the event takes place

Please note that when you send us an opportunity, it should be formatted with the guidelines above and ready to be shared without editing from AALF staff


The New Salem Baptist Church in Minneapolis is offering FREE Covid-19 testing next Friday, August 28, 2020.

Location: 2507 Bryant Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Testing is available between 12 and 6 p.m. on the following days:

  • Tuesday, June 9, and Wednesday, June 10.
  • Tuesday, June 16, and Wednesday, June 17.
  • Tuesday, June 23, and Wednesday, June 24.

For more information or to sign up for an appointment, please visit MDH’s website:

The African American Leadership Forum (AALF) is a cross-sector network of African Americans working together to find solutions to the Black community’s most vexing issues. Our goal to achieve a “just and healthy society that works equally well for everyone” is best achieved if we claim responsibility for our own lives and lift the broader community by creating a vibrant Black community. Visit to learn more.