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Our Approach

We convert research-based thought on social issues into action-oriented agenda and solutions, which address the fundamental causes of racial injustice. Our solutions are aimed to impact the areas of economic prosperity, generational wealth building, public safety, education, health and environmental justice.

Think-AND-Do Tank

We operate as a think-and-do tank for our state.
A think-and-do tank combines the functions of a think tank (like providing research and analysis of social and political issues) with the action-oriented role of an activist organization or advocacy group.

OUR lens

Everything we do is filtered through the lens of Black-Centered Design and Afrofuturism because we believe we hold the key to our own liberation.


    Black-Centered Design is a way of thinking that prioritizes Black people when organizing systems for all. Prioritizing the most marginalized in system creation means the system will work for all. The long-term solutions lie directly within the communities that are suffering most from the inequities.


    Afrofuturism is a vision for the future through a Black cultural lens. It allows our shared history to inform our future in a radical way. This can take many forms, integrating old ancestral practices into modern solutions to current social problems. Summoning the imagination to dream of a better world and the collective action to design it into existence.


We want to end racial injustice in all its forms in Minnesota. To do that, we support the Black community and ecosystem in a range of ways.


    Create Black-Centered public policy and opinion research products to inform systems change efforts and influence policy shifts.

    Speaker talking to a group

    Build and sustain relationships with allies and policymakers to strengthen cross-sector collaboration and advance a Black Agenda For Change.

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    Capacity Building

    Cultivate a pipeline of committed Black leaders ready to architect and mobilize social movements in Black communities across Minnesota.

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    Equip partners in established and emerging sectors with the information necessary to design and test innovatively sustainable solutions to systemic inequities.

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    Advocacy and Communication

    Accelerate community action by sharing actionable information, insights and resources to educate and empower communities to engage in advocacy efforts.

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