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We cannot end racial inequality until we are able to identify and fight it in the areas where it does the most harm.


    We embrace the immense value and untapped potential of Black individuals and communities. Black is innovation. Black is the investor. Black is the consumer.

    We imagine unleashing the vast brilliance that will propel us toward a more economically vibrant future. We believe real progress lies in harnessing the skills and contributions that will lead to shared prosperity and a stronger, more thriving state.

    Full participation in the economy benefits Black communities.

    Woman posing in front of textiles

    Imperative to our self-actualized future is the building and sustaining of Black generational wealth.

    Our financial freedom will take many forms: cooperative economics, owning the land, the house and the business. We will infuse the mindset of wealth-building in every generation that builds a prosperous future for those that follow.

    Generational health is built on generational wealth.

    Man holding and kissing a babies cheek.

    We imagine an education system, in formal and informal settings, that celebrates and centers Black culture.

    It fosters a sense of identity, pride and self-worth by offering a culturally relevant curriculum and anti-racist pedagogy. It promotes the interconnectedness of spirit and mind, engages the community, and promotes restorative justice. Education means; opportunity to ignite natural curiosity, a mode of cultural transmission, oral storytelling, practices of handing down rituals and experiential and kinesthetic learning.

    It means placing strong emphasis on healing and mental health, while creating an inclusive and thriving educational environment for Black students to flourish.

    Young girl reading a book in an adult's lap

    Imagine Black people feeling safe to be Black. This future prioritizes revolutionary approaches that promote trust, collaboration and accountability.

    It involves community-led initiatives, restorative justice practices and alternatives to incarceration that focus on rehabilitation, healing and addressing the root causes of crime. It centers on building a strong and empowered community where everyone feels safe and promotes what is just as justice.

    Our revisionist future promotes the Black community as the peacekeepers.

    A group together listening to a man speaking.

    Our future will be free of the insidious grip of environmental racism and able to advocate for transformative change.

    Our communities will no longer endure the brunt of toxic industries and negligence. By ensuring equitable access to clean air, water, and green spaces, we are honoring our inherent right to a healthy life. This radical vision necessitates our voices be centered in decision-making processes that shape our environment.

    Our just and sustainable future forges economic opportunities in renewable energy and sustainability. We desire a harmonious relationship with our Blackness and the environment.

    Black and white photo of young girl playing with bubbles

    We promote healing and wellness in all forms. We envision a transformative and equitable healthcare system that addresses historical harm and promotes holistic well-being, centering Black voices and Black women.

    This future involves tackling the root causes of health disparities. A radical health future for Black people strives to build social cohesion, and positively impact the social, economic and environmental factors that influence an individual’s health outcomes and well-being.

    We recognize the inherent strengths and resources within our community and its collective resiliency. By harnessing these assets, we seek to create a healthier Black community where longevity thrives and where people reach their full potential. This is health.

    A child picking produce at a grocery store while being held by her father.