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Black Agenda For Change

The Black Agenda for Change is our platform of community-driven solutions, designed to address the complex systemic challenges Black communities face in Minnesota. It’s a mix of policy recommendations and innovative procedures; a blueprint to resolve issues that have historically hindered the push for equity.

2024 Policy

Informed by statewide market research polling of Black households, policy research and analysis, focus groups, design sessions, and large-scale community convenings, the Forum presents its 2024 legislative priorities, advocating for Black-Centered solutions in education, economic prosperity and wealth building, and public safety.

We enjoin elected leaders to support enacting policy changes that empower the state’s Black communities and advance their collective uplift.

  • Education stands as a pillar within the make-up of Black families in Minnesota, fostering resilience, empowerment and a pathway to prosperity. Informed decision-making paves the way for effective initiatives that can enhance the overall educational experiences and outcomes for students.

    • Expand mental health literacy and resources for students, educators and parents through statewide initiatives aimed at promoting intervention plans, support services, and professional development.
    • Expand restorative justice initiatives in Minnesota schools through youth diversions, restorative conferencing, and interventions to enhance community engagement, foster positive school culture, and promote school safety.
    • Ensure resources for successful implementation of the READ Act, to improve literacy rates for Black children across the state.
  • Black Minnesotans are looking for solutions that ameliorate the rising cost of living and create pathways for financial freedom. Policies that increase economic security provide Black families with more opportunities to build intergenerational wealth, start businesses, and seek better employment opportunities.

    • Increase affordable housing & homeownership funding to create more pathways for quality, affordable and dignified housing through policy measures like the OurFuture Starts at Home amendment.
    • Expand outreach and training programs for jobs in emerging fields with high wages through wraparound service models prioritizing predominantly Black communities and neighborhoods to encourage place-based investment.
    • Incentivize employers, small Black-owned businesses and corporations–with tax credits to invest in predominantly Black communities and ensure increased hiring, professional development and growth opportunities for its residents.
  • Improving public safety continues to endure as a top priority affecting Black Minnesotans in their communities. For Black residents, public safety is directly connected to quality of life, and residents desire a public safety system that they can trust which meets their needs with the appropriate and most efficient response.

    • Invest in and ensure successful implementation of comprehensive approaches to decrease gun violence statewide, including public health and community violence intervention strategies.
    • Expand alternative first response to include more social workers, paramedics and mental health workers responding to certain emergency cases.
    • Reduce police traffic stops for non-emergency violations and expand data collection of police traffic stops statewide to better track police-community encounters.

Support The Forum

The Forum drives for change by confronting racism and inequities, to improve the living standards of Black Minnesotans. Our Black-centered solutions are aimed at impacting the areas of economic prosperity, generational wealth building, education, public safety, environmental justice and health. Our work is rooted in ending racial injustice in all its forms in Minnesota.

All Donations help to support our mission to create a radical future for Black Minnesotans by advancing Black Centered policies and solutions that actualize true liberation. The African American Leadership Forum is a section 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, EIN 47-220083