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Moral Homecoming | Completed

The Forum and Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Team Up on Moral Homecoming. A Moment to Recenter Honor and Kindness as Foundational Principles of Collective Liberation

Forum hints more events like this to come after strong gathering 

[MINNEAPOLIS—April 19, 2024] The African American Leadership Forum and Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church extend a deep thank you to all who joined us for Moral Homecoming.

Together with faith leaders, youth and community advocates, we participated in an ecumenical evening of impactful discussion, grounded in our collective desire to achieve the Beloved Community.

Panelists delivered thoughtful remarks on addressing community wounds to foster empathy, spiritual understanding and forgiveness. Attendees also provided insightful perspective during our Q&A portion of the evening, centering collective opportunities for growth and how to foster more young faith leaders.

Gratitude as well to our moderator and our cohost, Minister Amber Jones, The Forum’s Managing Director, Policy Impact, and Reverend Elijah McDavid III, Sr. Pastor at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, along with panelists–Pastor Jovonta Patton, Evangelist Tawanna Black, Rev. Alfred Babington-Johnson and Rev. Frenchye Magee.

Stay tuned Minnesota. This is likely not the last you’ve heard of a Moral Homecoming-themed convening put on by The Forum.