A Message from the African American Leadership Forum 

AALF is empowering the African American community by identifying and bringing together Black leaders who are passionate about re-claiming the narrative around Black lives, collaborating to find innovative solutions to our most vexing challenges, and using their skillset to make a difference. To do this, we need changemakers, activists, educators and others who seek to improve the lives of African Americans to join our network; a group of 7,000-plus leaders in the Twin Cities and beyond who identify as Thought Leaders, Influencers, Builders and Ambassadors. They contribute time, talent and treasure to be the change we need!

How to Contribute to the Network

We’ve made becoming a network contributor simple, and it costs nothing to apply. Just fill out the contributor form and choose how you’d like to use your skillset to impact the Black community. You’ll have the opportunity to make Minnesota a better place to live for African Americans and you’ll be provided with other benefits, such as exclusive information about all AALF programs and convenings. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other Black leaders and be the first to know about resources and tools that can be used to support your leadership development and community engagement interests.

So who are network contributors? Network contributors are people who (1) Complete the contributor form and (2) Contribute their Time, Talent, or Treasure to improve our community.

  • Contributing Your Time. Network contributors can volunteer their time by attending Monthly CONNECT events and convenings that bring African Americans together to celebrate our culture and innovate around transforming the Black community or by mentoring fellows in the Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy.
  • Contributing Your Talent. You can volunteer your talents or utilize your unique expertise to support the Forum by participating in our Collective Impact work or using your skillset in another way that aligns with your passions and improves the lives of African Americans.
  • Contributing Your Treasure. AALF’s programs, initiatives, convenings and the Forum network are invaluable assets in the Black community, and we need ongoing financial support to continue our work. Treasure contributions are an essential part of ensuring that we have the resources needed to bring about change; this can be through donations, event and program sponsorships, or other means.

We believe the solution to the challenges facing our community are within us. If we are willing to look within and start by building community together and taking the first step of defining the nomenclature of our culture, we will see what makes us uniquely and magnificently us; what makes Black Excellence a true statement and a vision to strive for. Become a network contributor today.

Thank you for your support!

The Team at AALF