AALF Policy Entrepreneur Fellowship

For more information we encourage you to watch a replay of the Policy Entrepreneur Fellowship virtual session conducted by AALF’s Policy Research and Data team on April 5th. It’s all part of our info packet for prospective applicants. To watch the video anytime click here. Otherwise, read more to apply now for our 2023-2025 cohort: Black leaders with a passion for advancing transformative change and a desire for developing policies that improve the lives of Black Minnesotans. A specialized 3-person cohort.

Amber Jones, AALF Managing Director of Policy Impact, MN State Rep. Cedrick Frazier, and Linda Sloan, Director of the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage

Applications close Wednesday April 19th at 11:59 p.m

Please Note: Only complete applications will be considered.

In 2020 the Twin Cities region became an international symbol of racial violence and gross inequity, resulting in troubled consequences from decades of inaction. Today Black Minnesotans continue to live with some of the worst health, wealth, and education disparities in U.S. The African American Leadership Forum recognizes this struggle for racial and social justice as not merely a complication, but an opportunity with a responsibility to make Minnesota a model for systemic change.

This critical work isn’t new to us at AALF. Since 2006, we’ve been engaged in advancing racial equity. 2020 gave us the chance to re-engage in a broader and more expansive way. Now we introduce our latest initiative, a Policy Entrepreneur Fellowship.

This transformation we seek, will require more than anything assembled, ever before. We need a foundation of shared priorities and bold solutions that center Black communities, putting Black-led institutions in the lead. This is where AALF comes in. Collaborative leadership is our forte.

This work has been slow. It’s been steady but now our community deserves giant leaps. In this critical moment we are looking for a new generation of policy leaders working on issues that matter most to them and their/our community. If you’re ready to make giant leaps and have experience organizing campaigns, protesting in the streets, running for office or launching a business or start-up, we encourage you to apply.


In 2023, AALF will recruit a class of Black leaders with a passion for advancing transformative change and a desire to develop policies that improve the lives of Black Minnesotans. Three inaugural  Policy Entrepreneur Fellows [PEF] will work with AALF for two years to develop uniquely innovative policy solutions that lead to advocacy and action. The three fellows selected will come from different backgrounds and experiences, both in and out of public policy, to ensure AALF is expanding the capacity of expert Black policy leadership.   

Policy Entrepreneurs are individuals who are not satisfied with the status quo.

  • They are persistent in pursuing innovative ideas to advance policy strategies.
  • They employ nontraditional strategies in their work, including their lived experiences, as that enhances their ability to create policy solutions that address the needs of those most impacted and often overlooked.
  • They are not afraid to take risks, to ask the critical questions, and to improve not just the work we do, but how we do the work.

This trio of PEF’s will work with our Minneapolis-based team for two years to drive policy change at the local. state and national level. You’ll receive an annual salary of $75,000, with competitive benefits and professional development training on the skills necessary for conducting policy research, development and advocacy. 

***NOTE: Residency in or relocation to Minnesota is required for this fellowship.***


  • You are passionate about creating a stronger, more progressive, and more inclusive Minnesota. You believe in the power of policy ideas to create that society more quickly.
  • You have a public policy problem you want to solve. You are determined to develop solutions, not just research problems. You are excited to understand the root causes of this problem, conduct original research in this area and develop creative policy solutions.
  • You are a rigorous thinker, committed to using policy levers to create a more progressive and fair society. You also know there’s more to creating change than simply writing a report. You possess the zest for follow-up, to convert ideas into action and implementation.  
  • You are a doer, not intimidated by complex problems, but committed to clever solutions and what’s necessary to craft change. You hold a passion to join a nimble organization and enhance the team efforts focused on impact.
  • You know no one makes change alone. You are ready, willing and excited to work with others. You are prepared to learn from and support others to make policy progress. You believe in the power of people, that impacted individuals and communities must be at the table to drive better public policy.
  • You are excited to spend time developing concrete skills and knowledge, and to support your peers in their development. You realize a difference in opinion will sometimes sprout substantial results.
  • You like a balance of working individually and collectively knowing that collective work means sometimes prioritizing support of others in their work.
  • You may have politics, policy, direct service, campaign or organizing experience—or you may not. You may have experienced the very challenge you want to solve—or you may not. You must, however, be committed to showing how citizens, businesses, government, and philanthropy can unite to prioritize the social and economic well-being of Black people.


  • Research, develop, and advocate for transformative public policy solutions that will better the lives of Black Minnesotans.
  • Work directly with Black communities to develop innovative and original policy solutions that directly impact their lives.
  • Support the building and advancement of AALF’s Black Agenda for Change.
  • Create and publish your research and policy ideas, promote them and advocate for them in state and national arenas.
  • Collaborate with fellow Policy Entrepreneur Fellows and AALF staff members on your research, working across issue areas to ensure continuity and a holistic approach to systemic change.
  • Learn, develop, and grow in your research, policy, advocacy, and communication skills, as well as expand your network of advocates, policy and government leaders, and change agents in your field.

NOTE: For more information we encourage you to watch a replay of the Policy Entrepreneur Fellowship virtual session conducted April 5th by AALF’s Policy Research and Data team. It’s all part of the info packet for prospective applicants. If you’d like to skip forward, ready to apply now, scroll downward. To watch the video anytime click here.


Please complete the following application form on AALF’s “Careers” page.

Please note–only complete applications will be considered. The application process closes Wednesday April 19th at 11:59 p.m.